Why Outsourcing Payroll makes common sense

Why should you consider outsourcing your payroll function?

Because it makes common sense!  But common sense is not always common!

In today’s business world, businesses are frequently reviewing how they run their business.  Progressive companies focus on core competencies – the profit making activities. Other functions utilising valuable time and resources can be outsourced, reducing costs and enabling personnel concentrate on the real business in hand.

If you are a small business, this simple step could put you on a level playing field with companies two or three times your size making you more competitive in the market.  But its important to choose the right company to work with!

An outsourcing partnership with a reputable payroll provider is more effective and in the long run costs considerably less than doing it in-house.  It’s not always the lowest price that generates the savings, it’s a question of getting value for money.  Having a provider who is experienced and qualified to work on your behalf to achieve the best outcome for your business and for your employees.  That’s where Paycheck Plus comes in!

Their qualified and experience outsourcing payroll team can advise you on the best way to structure your payroll and achieve maximum tax efficiencies for your company and for your employees.  They’ll explain your employer obligations and employee entitlements.  If you want to make additional payments or provide other benefits, they’ll explain how to achieve the best outcome.  Their bespoke reporting can save hours of valuable time while providing you with management reports enabling you make the best decisions for your business.  They even offer a range of payment services saving on time, bank fees and foreign exchange charges.

For more information about their range of Irish and UK Payroll Outsourcing Services, call 01 9059400 today or contact the Payroll Team for a no-obligation quotation.