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The Workplace Relations Commission found that a host family breached a number of acts including the Terms of Employment (Information) Act, the Organisation of Working Time Act and the Minimum Wage Act. The commission ordered the family to pay the childminder €2,259 in penalties.

While working for the family for approx. 4 months the childminder received less than €5.65 per hour and wasn’t paid the correct rate for Sunday employment. There were many other considerations involved in the ruling including unpaid additional hours, the family providing room and board and a lack of recorded working time.

Reportedly, this is the 3rd such recorded ruling by the commission penalising a family that didn’t pay their childminder the minimum wage (note: a minimum wage increase came into effect in January 2017, read more here). Back in March 2016 a childminder won a landmark case against a host family – the family was ordered to pay penalties totalling €9,229. And significantly as a result, speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Edel McGinley of the Migrants Rights Centre Ireland said this was a “ground-breaking case because it establishes without a doubt that au pairs are workers”. Ms McGinley goes on to note that “if you are an employer of an au pair do not fall into the trap of not paying them proper wages. It’s illegal” (source: RTE News).

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Host families must be aware that they have employer obligations and should make themselves aware of the significant legislation and processes that comes with this territory. This can be a daunting task for businesses employing staff let alone families. PaycheckPlus offer award-winning outsource payroll services to clients large and small. We ensure payroll compliance giving our clients peace of mind and more time to focus on what makes them money.

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