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  • Sector: Retail
  • Location: Ireland
  • Client since: 2008
  • Services: Rapid, Weekly Payroll Processing

The Client

Londis is one of Ireland’s best known and well-established retail chains. Established in 1970 they have more than 180 franchise members throughout Ireland. Shiel’s Londis in Malahide has been serving the community for more than forty years and has a reputation for great value and first-rate customer service amongst locals and commuters. They are also one of our longest serving clients having first partnered with Paycheck Plus in 2008.

The Task

Shiel’s Londis employees approx. 50 staff who are a mix of Full-time and Part-time workers. As with many of our retail clients their staff were a mix of salaried and hourly paid, depending on their role. Shiel’s were in need of a timely payroll service that would accommodate their weekly payment schedule and reduce the burden on their inhouse staff.

In addition to the standard payroll processing and reports there were also some additional requirements regarding staff Holiday Pay. At Shiel’s Londis, employees pay a percentage of their wages into a holiday bank. This initiative allows them to take paid leave during their holidays. Payments to the holiday bank are contingent upon the number of hours worked. Our payroll experts would be required to calculate the payments and monitor the holiday bank to ensure that employees are paid their correct holiday entitlements.

Also, in order to remain compliant with the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997, our payroll processors were also required to calculate public holiday pay for part-time employees based on the previous 13 weeks. This precautionary action is required to ensure employees have worked enough hours in that period to avail of any bank holiday payment(s).

The Process

Having already identified the need for a speedy payroll management service to facilitate their weekly payrolls, the onus was now on Paycheck Plus to deliver a streamlined payroll service that would make the necessary calculations and process payments within a strict timeframe.

To ensure a smooth transition, a dedicated payroll specialist was assigned to the client. The payroll specialist would lead the migration of the Shiel’s Londis’ payrolls and subsequently retain accountability for the ongoing payroll service.
The payroll specialist worked with Londis to produce a Service Level Agreement that would; clearly outline each party’s roles and responsibilities, set out the various operational procedures and identify any particular concerns or issues.

Immediately the speed at which payments could be processed was raised as a critical factor, and so every effort was made to ensure that the payrolls would be processed as promptly as possible. In addition to this, our payroll experts would also process the various benefits and contributory schemes, manage the administration of payments by uploading the bank file on the client’s behalf and submissions to Revenue. Furthermore, our payroll specialists would maintain other regulatory requirements such as those mandated by Revenue and GDPR. Londis’ staff would also be furnished with Payslips and the business owner would receive a range of reports including Control Summary, Gross to Nett, Payments, Deductions, Revenue liability reports.

The Result

Shiel’s Londis now benefit from a highly efficient and timely payroll process. Paycheck Plus typically receive the relevant payroll information on Thursday mornings. The payroll is processed and payment made the following day. The payroll is fully compliant with the relevant legislation (including The Organisation of Working Time Act 1997) and staff members are free to focus on their core competencies. Business Owners also benefit from insightful reports and a comprehensive audit trail which can be kept for posterity.

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