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  • Sector: Consumer electronics
  • Location: Ireland
  • Client since: 2015
  • Services: Consultation, Workshops, Redundancy Management

Bose Corporation is a leading global consumer electronics firm. In 2015, after close to four decades of operation in Co. Monaghan, Bose made the decision to close their Irish manufacturing plant. As a result, over 300 people were impacted significantly. Bose Ireland approached Paycheck Plus to assist with the closing of their operation and to help their employees make the best out of a difficult situation.

We engaged Paycheck Plus for redundancy payroll services. They were very capable and experienced throughout the whole operation, from dealing with Revenue on our behalf to presenting and consulting with every one of our employees on an individual basis. It was a difficult time for all and a complex issue, but Paycheck Plus supported our staff in meticulously planning for the final work day for 130 employees. They were very flexible and gave us on-call support during that critical time and this was paramount to the success of the operation.

S. Malone
Human Resources Manager, Bose Ireland

On a group and one-to-one level, Paycheck Plus assisted employees in making the best decisions possible to them based on their unique personal circumstances. By considering length of service, salary, pension, marriage status and the many other unique aspects of the employees and their personal circumstances, Paycheck Plus created calculations for each staff member and discussed their options to help them choose the best outcome available to them. In addition, Paycheck Plus then ran the final payroll, processed the redundancy payments, issued the P45s and made the necessary Revenue submissions on behalf of Bose Ireland.

As a result of availing of the Paycheck Plus Redundancy Service, employees made more informed and beneficial redundancy decisions, the company helped minimise the negative impact on their employees and they ensured that their operation’s payroll ceased effectively and compliantly.