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Tailored Payroll Training

Hitting the ground running, with confidence.
  • Sector: Construction
  • Location: Ireland
  • Client since: 2016
  • Services: Payroll Training

In 2016, this construction company finalised the restructuring of their business. One end result was that the business appointed a new HR manager and their payroll function moved from being the responsibility of the finance department to being the responsibility of the HR department. Part of the role of the new HR manager was to provide the final sign-off on the company’s payroll. With limited payroll experience, the HR manager reached out to Paycheck Plus for a “crash course” on payroll.

HR covers a broad spectrum of specialities. My background is in recruitment, training, talent management and labour relations rather than payroll. With the payroll function falling under my new role, it was necessary for me to upskill. I cannot recommend Paycheck Plus enough. Their friendly payroll specialists developed a training course to suit me and my company’s payroll – this was the fast and effective solution that I needed.

HR Manager
Construction Company

From discussing the business’ payroll and the specific requirements of the individual, Paycheck Plus developed a tailored training course. Delivered on a one-to-one basis this training covered key areas of the business’ current payroll processing and structure along with the individual’s areas of weakness/concern in relation to their payroll. Specifically, for example, the Paycheck Plus payroll specialist provided training on how to analyse the company’s payroll, how calculations are done, their employee benefits and tax exemptions, etc. Plus, the payroll specialist provided expert payroll tips and insights.

The result was that the new HR manager had the knowledge to confidently check and sign-off on the business’ payroll. In addition, the HR manager could step in and process the payroll accurately and compliantly which helps ensure business continuity. Ultimately, from completing the tailored training, the new HR manager could hit the ground running in their new role with confidence.