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The change, the goal and the impact, plus helpful resources and payroll obligations assistance

Revenue has announced changes to the ROS registration process. Revenue will update the ROS registration process from June 18th to include security questions to better authenticate ROS users.  The goal for this introduction, according to Revenue, is to “streamline and speed up the process for retrieving lost and expired ROS certificates and also forgotten passwords”. Find details on the changes below, along with helpful ROS digital certificate resources and details on how we can help you to more efficiently meet your payroll obligations.

ROS Security Update | Payroll Obligations Assistance with PaycheckPlus

After June 18th

For people registering after this date:

  • You will continue to receive an access number (i.e. RAN) by post. Note: this number will only be valid for 3 months
  • When you apply for your ROS digital certificate, the ROS system password will be sent by email or text depending on which option you choose. The system password will be valid for 1 hour
  • You will be required to select 5 security questions from a list of 10 questions before you can download and save your ROS certificate

Existing ROS Users

If you already have a ROS digital certificate:

  • You’ll be prompted to set up security questions in your profile screen

Helpful resources

Click here for details on:

  • registering for ROS
  • setting up a ROS administrator certificate
  • applying for a ROS Digital Sub Cert
  • backing up your digital certificate
  • creating the ROS\RosCerts folder and moving backup certificate files

How to download and install your ROS digital certificate for RevApp: click here for instructions.

Saving your ROS digital certificate: view Revenue’s videos here.

How to locate and load your digital certificate file to login to ROS: click here.

(Source: revenue.ie)

Payroll Obligations | PaycheckPlus Payroll Specialists

Here at PaycheckPlus our comprehensive services result in us linking directly with Revenue, through ROS, on behalf of our clients so that they minimise their ongoing resource requirements when striving to meet their payroll obligations, such as providing P60s, P45s, etc. In short, we help enable our clients to focus on profits, not paperwork.

We provide many additional services including payroll consultancy, payroll auditing, payroll management, multinational payroll services and we also provide a payroll cover service which acts as a backup service that ensures payroll continuity in the event of client payroll member absence(s).

To ensure payroll compliance and for expert support contact PaycheckPlus now.

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