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Global Payroll, it’s more than just numbers

At Paycheck Plus we combine sophisticated, best of breed software applications with a personalised service to create a seamless global payroll solution for our clients.

Payroll is one of the most important functions for any business because it concerns the greatest asset that any organisation has – its people. But global payroll is never straightforward. Legislation is in a constant state of flux, reporting requirements change, and personal circumstances continuously impact employee entitlements, allowances and mobility. It takes a specific skillset to ensure that every employee in an organisation-  regardless of location – is paid in an accurate, compliant and timely manner. Global Payroll occupies a unique niche between Finance and HR and often when organisations attempt to manage international payrolls in-house neither department has the required skillet to manage both facets.

Even where this knowledge does exist in-house, the information behind that knowledge needs to be constantly updated as legislation changes, and employees’ circumstances alter. This places added pressure on departments which should instead be using their personnel to concentrate on their core value added activities. Outsourcing is a proven means of freeing up this time, it helps organisations to refocus on their core activities. But when the issue is as sensitive as payroll, businesses need to ensure that their global payroll provider is someone in whom they have full confidence.

As Ireland’s foremost global payroll company Paycheck Plus stand head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to security and confidentiality. Our ISO accreditations and numerous awards attest to this. Every member of the Paycheck Plus team is suitably trained and qualified which provides a distinct advantage over traditional Finance departments.

While Finance professionals look at the numbers, we look at the people behind the numbers. We understand that international payroll is not just about taxes – you also need to take the time to understand each individual’s personal circumstances. It is our insight and level of personal attention that really makes Paycheck Plus stand out. We aren’t just in the numbers business, we are in the people business.

We understand that there is a person at the end of every payslip and therefore we make sure that our international payrolls are processed accordingly.  We provide a well-honed, cost-effective global payroll service which comes with the utmost personal attention and quality of customer service. We partner with an extensive range of companies ranging from sole traders to large-scale multinational corporations, and we tailor our services accordingly. Our client base is diverse. The only common theme that we can find is that they want the best – from their employees and from us. So we don’t try to shoehorn clients into rigid and inflexible processes. Rather, the goal is to dovetail our global payroll systems and processes with those of our clients. It is all part of our client-centric approach, which is about “making payroll easy”, and achieving the maximum benefits for our clients while requiring the minimum of effort from them.


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Paycheck Plus, Your Outsourced Payroll Provider

Paycheck Plus is an award-winning international payroll outsourcing company that specialises in providing an ISAE and ISO accredited international payroll services to organisations of all sizes. Our wide range of global payroll and HR services allow multinational organisations to mitigate risk, improve compliance and focus on their core business while our bespoke payroll software lets you consolidate your processes into one simple and efficient workflow

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