Outsourcing increases efficiency

Outsourcing increases efficiency

Companies that outsource get the benefit of specific expertise, freeing them to concentrate on business.

Outsourcing partnerships allow companies to leverage the expertise of their managed service providers who can apply industry best practices in niche areas. Management can implement operational efficiencies across the organisation while focussing on core business activities.

”We naturally offer our clients cost-effective solutions that allow them to focus their attention on their core business activities, which is where they generate revenues and profitability, said Donal O’Brien, chief executive at Aramark Ireland, which provides integrated managed services, including food, workplace solutions, property, environmental and healthcare services.

”A well-managed and resourced workplace improves employee engagement. Our clients have reported increases in employee productivity and engagement especially when all hard and soft services are integrated, said O’Brien.

”Research has shown that when engaged employees are enabled in their work environment, their productivity increases, and up to 20 per cent discretionary effort will be deployed directly impacting on a company’s bottom line, he said.

Maintaining good employee relations is a primary motivator when it comes to efficient payroll management. As a critical business function, payroll management can have devastating consequences for the business if things go wrong.

”Outsourcing payroll management facilitates business continuity, data protection and security and confidentiality around employee remuneration and benefits, said Anne Reilly, managing director at outsource payroll company Paycheck Plus.

”We advise a company how to structure its payroll in the best possible way in partnership with the company. There are several areas where we find potential for achieving savings, said Reilly.

”We get to understand the client’s business and effectively become their payroll department, providing a team of experts who are on hand as and when the client needs them.

Reilly said that for some companies, outsourcing might not be the answer. ”Some companies have the time and resources to recruit and continually train in-house payroll staff. They also have the finances to invest in payroll systems to avoid errors, she said.

”For other companies, outsourcing is the answer. They get the benefit of expertise, error free processing and advice on employment law and HR issues while focussing on growing and maintaining their business.

”The decision lies with every individual business owner, but one thing is for sure, determining whether or not to outsource payroll is definitely a strategic decision, said Reilly.

23 February 2014 by Ruth Wildgust