Outsourcing Payroll Works

An article in The Sunday Business Post Magazine last Sunday (2nd September 2012) explains how Outsourcing Payroll services can help companies achieve Cost reductions and Process Improvement.

Payroll in any company is mission critical. However, it can prove a costly function to manage within the business as it is an area of huge complexity. This can prove to be a drain on resources, even though Payroll is not a core business activity. Alternatively, you may have staff who run the payroll as an additional occasional activity, thereby increasing the risk of error in this increasingly complicated area. By outsourcing payroll to a Payroll Bureau to manage your payroll services you can remove either of these issues from your business.

Quoted in an article, Roddie Aherne, Business Director of Northgate Arinso, says     ‘If it’s not core, it’s a chore’…. and many companies are starting to agree once they realise the benefits changing to Outsource Payroll can bring. Outsource Payroll can provide cost reductions, process improvement and remove complexity and error from your business. All this can be achieved alongside fully auditable and QA Managed Process Trails. It takes the hard work and pain away from hard pressed management teams.

Reduce costs by outsourcing payroll: 

Cost reduction is proving a popular topic in these current times of economic uncertainty and Payroll can be one of the most easily managed changes to make to your business. More than likely, as an established Business, you are already completing monthly pay runs, with all their associated queries and complexity. This makes the data and process handover of this function relatively easy. According to Aherne, managed Payroll services can achieve savings of one quarter to one third for your business.

Quality process improvements through payroll outsourcing:

Here at Paycheck Plus, our Payroll Service can then deal with the on-going Management of the Payroll Function, and all its’ associated Processes, Data Protection and complexities. Alongside cost reduction, the ability to review and streamline your processes should not be overlooked. Our expertise and knowledge mean that we can partner with you to enable your Payroll function to be as tax and cost efficient as possible. We are an award winning Payroll Bureau, who pride ourselves on our abilities and expertise.