Passionate about Payroll according to the Sunday Tribune

Save time and money by maximising payroll efficiency” read the headline in the Sunday Tribune on 16th January 2011.
The Business Section of the Sunday Tribune outlined various options for small businesses seeking to focus energies on what really matters in their businesses and concluded that outsourcnig payroll was one of the core activities that could make the difference in the next 12 months.
The article commenced Paycheck Plus: Passionate about Payroll.
Employing the services of a specialist payroll services provider can deliver significant savings for your business, says Anne Reilly, Managing Director of Paycheck Plus.
“Our team is highly trained and committed to ensuring that the client is receiving a personal service – that we understand their business and we achieve the maximum tax efficiencies not just for them but also for their employees by ensuring that they are getting maximum possible take home pay. Our clients care about getting the best possible outcomes for their employees” she said.
Paycheck Plus delivers annual savings of up to 6.5% on payroll costs for its clients. Unsurprisingly, the company which was launced five years ago is a market leader and has twice been named Payroll Outsource Provider of the Year for SME’s. Clients hail from all sectors and range from single employee enterprises to companies with hundreds of employees throughout Ireland and across the world.
“Smaller employers have all the obligations that bigger employers have but they don’t have the resources available to them in a cost effective manner. We provide a solution that everybody can avail of no matter what their size and which is scaled to suit their company” she said.
As well as making savings on the cost of payroll – one of the most significant outlays for any business – using Paycheck Plus means that you get the most up to date expertise and technology without major investment. The system is confidential, secure and provides continuity of payroll – you don’t have to worry about your systems failing or your payroll administrator falling ill and by removing those headaches it frees you up to concentrate on your business.
“Payroll is never going to make money for your business. In fact by doing it yourself, you’re probably costing yourself more” she said. For more information see or contact us on 01 9059400.