Weather The Storm With Paycheck Plus

Managing employee attendance and payroll during severe weather

Weather the storm with Paycheck Plus' payroll excellence

With the recent weather warnings and heavy snowfall across many counties, businesses across Ireland are being impacted. To limit the impact businesses should cover the topic of ‘absence due to bad weather’ in their company policies to ensure there’s clarity when the situation arises. However, if this topic isn’t covered in any policy it’s important that obligations are discussed with staff when the issue arises.

Key employee considerations during severe weather conditions include:

  • Providing the option of annual leave or unpaid time off if the staff member cannot attend
  • If the facility is available, consider employees working from home
  • Bear in mind the option of employees working up time missed due to the weather conditions
  • Other facilities that significantly impact the employee may have to close (e.g. schools)
  • Layoff or short-term working clauses may be triggered in employee contracts if the business has been substantially impacted
  • Employee redeployment to essential business areas may need consideration
  • Alternative labour closer to the business may need to be sourced
  • Overtime may be required for employees to take up the slack caused by bad weather absenteeism

Manage your payroll

All of the above situations can add up and take its toll on a company’s payroll processing team. To help weather the storm PaycheckPlus is here with our Contingency Service – we can step in when payroll members are absent to give management and employees the peace of mind that payments will be made on time.

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