UK Payroll – HMRC address the RTI submission misbalance

UK Payroll: After months of frustration HMRC finally addresses RTI misbalanced submissions

A RTI problem solving team has been set up by HMRC to investigate why in some cases there is a dispute over the amount of PAYE owed between payroll managers and the Revenue.

HMRC is currently unable to explain why the figure it expects from some companies differ from what the payroll departments think is owed – and the new Revenue team has been given the specific role of identifying the cause of the discrepancies within the RTI system.

Writing in the August issue of Payroll World, Simon Parson, head of compliance at Ceridian, said: “Having personally checked four separate HMRC Debt Management and Banking division claimed misbalanced PAYE scheme submissions from April through to June, it’s clear to me that not all is well with RTI.”

An HMRC spokesman explained that the Revenue is working with a number of schemes to understand the problems.

“This will enable us to understand the issue in greater depth, and take the steps necessary to prevent them arising in the first place. Each time we identify a root cause, we will update our guidance, where appropriate, as soon as possible,” he said.

We’ll all be interested in hearing the outcome of their investigation.  Watch this space!

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