5 Ways to Make Smarter Business Decisions‏

It’s those small decisions that can make or break the business. Those smart decisions to change the things we’ve always done has been proven to reduce costs.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to put these in place.

Here are five smart decisions you can make to reduce your business cost and improve your bottom line

1.  Use Technology

Technology now allows us to automate and streamline processes that weren’t available to us ten or even five years ago. Use of technology doesn’t mean expensive hardware and high consulting fees. Small and mid-sized businesses now have a vast selection of out-of-the box options to meet their budget requirements and business needs.

2.  Go Paperless

Paper, ink, mailing, supplies all cost businesses a tremendous amount of cash at the end of the day. Digital invoicing, billings, payroll can significantly reduce costs throughout the year.

3.  Move Online

Promoting your business online as oppose to direct mails, expensive advertising, flyers, or Golden Pages ads. The use of social media, email marketing and blogging are all ways to hit thousands of people that weren’t in your business reach with direct marketing.

4.  Adhere to Business Budgets

This sounds like a simple one to follow yet so many small businesses don’t identify a budget only finding themselves knee deep in bills they hadn’t planned for. Daily business budgets can be a powerful business tool to reduce unnecessary costs.

5.  Outsource

For small businesses, outsourcing is the way of the world today. With this option SMB’s have the ability to reduce employee overhead and several man hours doing things that might be better served by an expert. What can take one person an entire day can take just a few hours by someone who knows exactly what they are doing.


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