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Key Irish payroll industry developments and how you can prepare

With significant Irish payroll industry developments on the horizon we thought that we’d compile the key future changes that you must prepare for and detail how we can help you.

3 significant upcoming changes

1. Radical overhaul of EU data protection rules

Read the expected impact that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have on payroll personnel and find a useful guide that can help you and your organisation prepare – click here.

2. PAYE modernisation

Read payroll management concerns and potential business requirements to assist you in your preparation – click here.

3. Updated legislation as a result of Brexit

The extent of the impact that Brexit will have on an Irish business and particularly on an Irish business’ payroll department is not yet known. As a result businesses need to be ready for anything. This has obvious and significant challenges. What is known for sure is that during uncertain times businesses need to be dynamic and now more than ever businesses must be vigilant in tuning in to legislation changes.

How we can help you

How We Can Help You | PaycheckPlus Irish Payroll Industry Specialists

Payroll managers have a responsibility to ensure their business is compliant with the ever-changing payroll legislation and that their employee’s and business’ data is secure and confidential. Along with their other internal obligations, payroll managers must prepare for the significant industry changes that are approaching. This may prove to be challenging, especially if there is uncertainty around current compliance due to the recent industry developments. We understand the difficulties that companies and their employees face when payroll is not at the core of their business, and we’re here to help. To help your business and staff:

  • We can provide a complete tailored payroll management service to suit your unique needs and processes
  • Our payroll specialists ensure that your business is compliant with the most up-to-date payroll legislation
  • We offer consultancy and training workshops to ensure that employees have the most up-to-date payroll industry knowledge and practical skills that will benefit your business
  • We can provide a contingency/cover service for payroll staff so businesses and payroll managers can have peace of mind that employees will still get paid even if their payroll team becomes ill or goes on leave

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What this could mean for you and your business

What This Can Mean For You | PaycheckPlus Irish payroll industry specialists
  • You can rest assured that you’re compliant
  • You don’t need to be concerned with preparation for the upcoming changes (or the costs associated with this) – our specialists will have you covered
  • Your business can focus on profits not on paperwork – core business functions can be enhanced more effectively
  • Your business will be more dynamic and more responsive to market changes
  • Your job will be easier and you can be more efficient with your time

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PaycheckPlus Irish Payroll Industry Specialists

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