Why Should I consider a Payroll Outsource Service?

With ever-changing PAYE regulations and numerous PRSI rates and levies to be processed correctly, more and more companies now recognise the significant advantages of outsourcing their payroll and related services. Outsourcing brings many benefits including:

  • expertise without the cost of employing a professional
  • reducing the time spent on this repetitive task enabling you focus on what you do best.
  • removes the need for staff cover during holidays or other absences
  • eliminates the need for payroll software, training and updates
  • increases confidentiality and reduces possible staff dissatisfaction
  • documentation is maintained in a secure remote location
  • increased resources available for core profit making activities

Outsourcing your payroll to Paycheck Plus makes payroll easy, giving you peace of mind from knowing that your wages and salaries are processed accurately, on time and cost-effectively.