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Reward your Irish staff today tax free

We strive to help businesses be the best employers they can be. With this in mind we introduced our Paycheck Plus Perfect Card, prepaid Mastercards that are Revenue approved for the Small Benefit Exemption and can be used anywhere Mastercards are accepted. A simple, quick and cost effective resource, saving tax and allowing staff spend their employee reward wherever they choose.

Paycheck Plus were able to offer PPD the support required when setting up in a new country, they provided us with the broadest range of services and knowledge.
Jim McLaughlin, Accountant, PPD Development, Ireland
100% Revenue approved for use at 32 million locations worldwide

These prepaid MasterCards can be used at 32 million locations worldwide, online and in store. There are no commission fees, Euro or Sterling can be loaded onto the card and they’re 100% Revenue approved. There is a secure online management facility with live transaction history and balance.

To remain PAYE, USC & PRSI free, there is no option to get a cash refund. In addition, no more than one such benefit given to an employee in a tax year qualifies for the exemption.

  • Be the best employer that you can be
    Maximise your employee reward/incentive with the Paycheck Plus Perfect Card. This prepaid MasterCard is PAYE, USC & PRSI free, can be used at 32 million locations worldwide, in store and online, with no commission fees. This ensures that your staff get the most out of the employee reward.
  • 100% Revenue approved
    Our Paycheck Plus Perfect Card is 100% Revenue approved and compliant with the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme.
  • Quick and simple
    We can send the Paycheck Plus Perfect Cards direct to your employees or to your business and top them up remotely. This quick and simple process minimises the time requirement in rewarding your staff while maximising the return to them.