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  • Sector: Financial
  • Location: Ireland
  • Client since: 2017
  • Services: Employee Helpline, Employee Workshops

This employee-focused Fintech company opened their EU headquarters in Ireland recently. To ensure compliance and for operational efficiency, this rapidly growing Fintech company decided to outsource their Irish payroll to Paycheck Plus in 2017. At this point, they became aware of the further opportunities that Paycheck Plus provide for a company striving to be the best employer that they can be – one of these opportunities was the Employee Helpline and Workshops service.

Our employees are our most valuable resource and we treat them as such. We use, and continue to be impressed by, the Paycheck Plus helpline and workshops service to enable our HR personnel to focus more on their core responsibilities while providing all of our staff the support that they need. In addition, the employee workshops enable us to on-board new staff efficiently and to inform all of our staff on their Irish tax entitlements.

HR Manager
American Fintech Company

Due to the nature of their employment, staff turnover and on-boarding was high and knowledge of local entitlements was low. From managing their Irish payroll, Paycheck Plus already had a comprehensive understanding of the business and could utilise their local tax and employment expertise to benefit this Fintech company’s employees, and ultimately the business as a whole. The solution: Paycheck Plus now play a key part in employee inductions, explaining the payroll process and informing new staff of ways to increase their net take home pay without increased remuneration. In addition, Paycheck Plus provides an employee helpline that their staff can ring to get specialist support.

As a result of the Employee Helpline and Workshops service:
• All of their employees get the support that they deserve
• Their employees are informed of local entitlements that can increase their net take-home pay
• The employee-employer relationship is strengthened
• HR personnel have more time to focus on their other responsibilities