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This week is National Payroll Week. In-house and outsourced payroll providers from all over the UK will be taking time to celebrate the payroll profession and give it the recognition it deserves. At Paycheck Plus we believe that every organisation can benefit from celebrating National Payroll Week. It not only helps celebrate the efforts of payroll processors but can also serve as a platform to educate employees on their payslips, their deductions and the importance of saving for retirement.

National Payroll Week is the one time of year that lets us stop and think about our payroll service providers and the work they are doing. It helps to raise the profile of the payroll service industry and of those payroll providers who have quietly kept the country paid over the past year.

For Paycheck Plus, this year has seen more changes than most. Our recent acquisition by Iris Software Group has significantly improved both our range of services and our organisation’s reach. It has been a truly rewarding experience to partner with an organisation who share our relentless focus on accuracy, timeliness and compliance, and with this partnership we are sure that Paycheck Plus and our clients can look forward to a bright future ahead.

Of course none of this progress would be possible without the hard work, effort and invaluable contributions made by our payroll team. Their remarkable dedication is invigorating.

Payroll has greatly evolved in recent years and we are delighted that both our organisation and our team have been able to evolve with it. Our payroll processors have been continually challenged to go beyond the fundamentals of operating payrolls to implementing increasingly complex legislation. And it is through their combined resilience, dexterity and ingenuity that our organisation has been able to adapt and excel.

So it is only right that I extend my heartfelt compliments to all of our payroll professionals who have been putting in the long hours behind the scenes to ensure that our client’s employees get paid the right amount at the right time. Our team’s combined spirit, agility and resourcefulness ensures that Paycheck Plus can deal with any eventuality.

I am very proud to recognise the extraordinary dedication and professionalism that the Paycheck Plus team has shown and I would encourage every organisation to get involved in National Payroll Week and celebrate the hard work and effort that their payroll providers have given them this year.

Best Wishes,

Brona Grogan

Chief Operating Officer, Paycheck Plus


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