Payroll Security

12 Non-Tech Tips to Ensure Payroll Security

12 Non-Tech Payroll Security Tips 

It is often remarked that people are the main security threat to any business’ IT network and the same can be said for payroll security. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and while many businesses spend a small fortune on their IT systems and security, payroll security can easily be compromised without employee vigilance.
Payroll Security Tips

Don’t be the weak link in your payroll security

To help ensure that employees are not the weak link in payroll data security and confidentiality, we put together this blog with non-tech security tips for payroll staff. The following are non-technical measures for staff members that can help enhance payroll data security and confidentially. While this isn’t a fully comprehensive list of measures, it’s a good starting point to help a business implement stronger security around employee data, payroll processing and for employees to gain a better understanding of data security.


  1. Ensure your computer screen cannot be seen by unauthorised people when working on payroll
  2. Use complex passwords
  3. Don’t give anyone else your login details
  4. Be sure to lock your computer screen before moving away from your workstation
  5. Only store payroll data in designated spaces (e.g., on the company server and not on the computer desktop)
  6. Implement a clear desk policy by always remembering to keep your desk clear whenever you move away from it.
  7. You should only access your payroll software from your business’ network and authorised devices. Beware of phishing scams and hacking at all times
  8. Only use data for the purpose it is intended
  9. Be aware of your surroundings when discussing sensitive payroll information
  10. Only share payroll data with authorised personnel
  11. If you are outsourcing to a payroll provider, ensure that the appropriate legal documents, such as a non-disclosure agreement, are signed and ensure that communication is secure (e.g., sensitive data in emails should be encrypted)
  12. Ensure that access is limited. Only those that are required to have access for payroll processing purposes should have access to your organisation’s payroll data.


There are of course many other measures that can help enhance payroll data security and confidentiality, but most crucial is for payroll staff is to “Always Be Vigilant”. Otherwise you may be the weak link in your payroll data security.

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