Hospitality Case Study

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  • Sector: Hospitality
  • Location: Ireland
  • Client since: 2018
  • Services: Irish Payroll Processing & Administration of Payments

The Client

Boojum are Ireland’s No.1 Burrito Bar serving authentic Mexican food in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland since 2007. Boojum are sharply focussed on employee development. They provide ample career development opportunities for their staff. 70% of Boojum’s general managers have worked their way up from crew-level positions and all of their kitchen managers, assistant managers and supervisors started in crew roles.

They currently employ more than 340 employees across 11 locations in the Republic of Ireland.

Like many of our hospitality clients Boojums’ payrolls contain salaried and hourly paid employees and are spread across both monthly and weekly pay frequencies. For many operational staff wages can vary significantly depending on the volume of hours worked. Boojum’s continued focus on promoting from within means employees’ rates of pay frequently improve.

Hospitality Case Study

The Task

By 2018 Boojum knew that they would need a payroll service capable of quickly processing their Irish payrolls. Their payroll service would need a detailed understanding of Irish legislation and regulations including how to process employees’ holidays, expenses and gratuities.  Due to rigid timeframe requirements the speed at which payments could be processed would be a decisive factor in choosing the right payroll provider.

Boojum required a comprehensive reporting system which would provide them with an overview of costs, head counts, KPI’s etc. on a companywide and individual branch basis. These reports would allow them to compare costs per store, location etc and provide insights on staffing requirements for new stores.

Boojum wanted a holiday accrual report which would provide an accurate real-time holiday balance for every employee. The payroll processor would need to accommodate a high volume of new employees in line with Boojum’s continued expansion plans. The payroll service would need to be flexible enough to account for changes in employee’s rates of pay and location – as employees were frequently rewarded with promotions and roles in new branches.

Boojum also required their payroll service to manage the administration of payments by uploading the bank file on their behalf.


The Process


Having identified the need for a quick and flexible payroll service to facilitate their payroll requirements, the onus was now on Paycheck Plus to deliver a streamlined payroll service that would meet Boojum’s needs and process payments within the required timeframe.

Paycheck Plus assigned a dedicated payroll specialist to the client to ensure a seamless transition to our outsourced payroll service. The payroll specialist would oversee the migration of Boojums’ payrolls.

As part of the on-boarding Paycheck Plus worked with Boojum to produce a Service Level Agreement that; clearly outlined each party’s roles and responsibilities, set out the various operational procedures and identified any concerns or issues. As part of this process Boojum were presented with a submission template which would help standardise their payroll processing requirements. This easy-to-use template provided a standardised submission method that would reduce the potential for errors while providing management with transparent and easy-to-reconcile reports.

To meet Boojum’s need for a Holiday Accrual system our team developed an algorithm that would generate accurate real time holiday balances for every employee. This information is shared with Boojum in the form of a report and can be relied upon when making the necessary adjustments when employees leave or take holidays.


The Result

Boojum now benefit from a timely and efficient payroll service that frees their staff members to focus on their core competencies. Paycheck Plus typically receive the relevant payroll information on Tuesday mornings, the payroll is submitted for approval for the next day and the payment is authorised and uploaded by Thursday so it can be paid on Friday.

Boojum’s employees are provided with convenient and secure access to the Paycheck Plus Payslip Portal. From there employees can open, view and download current and previous payslips from any device 24/7.

Boojum’s managers and owners benefit from insightful branch by branch reports and a comprehensive audit trail. These reports are easily accessed through the Paycheck Plus Engage Software and can be used to support the strategic decision-making process and can be kept for posterity.

Boojum have peace of mind that their payrolls meet the necessary regulatory requirements – such as those mandated by Revenue and GDPR. Also, when necessary, they can rely on our expert payroll processors to address any queries or knowledge-gaps they may have regarding processing payrolls under the Irish tax system.


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