Payroll Cover and Continuity

Peace of mind, always there

What happens should your payroll personnel become ill or take leave? Payroll is a crucial aspect of every business and must be completed on time; we offer a contingency solution to ensure your payroll function continues to operate even when your personnel are absent.

Paycheck Plus provides excellent payroll cover which ensures continuity and resilience during periods of annual leave, sickness, etc.

Martin O’Brien
HR Manager, Professional Services
Get the support of award-winning payroll specialists

Our payroll cover service allows us to step in and cover your payroll personnel when necessary. This service means that you will have the backup of one of Ireland’s largest and most decorated payroll departments.

Our payroll specialists will analyse your payroll and familiarise themselves with the details in order to run it independently, minimising disruption for businesses and employees.

  • Business continuity
    We ensure that your employees will continue to be paid on time, every time, even when your payroll personnel are absent.
  • Improved payroll
    As part of this payroll cover service our specialists will use their decades of experience and insights to advise on payroll improvements to maximise business value.
  • Expert team
    Expect best-in-class service from our payroll specialists, tax advisors and senior managers, all qualified and experienced in corporate compliance, payroll and best practice.
  • Specialist support
    Our expert team will be on hand to advise on any payroll queries that you may have.
  • Fully compliant
    When running your payroll, we ensure that you’re fully compliant with the most up to date legislation.
  • Strict confidentiality
    All information is treated with the strictest confidentiality.
  • Tailored to your needs
    Our adaptable, tailored payroll cover service is designed to meet your business requirements.
  • Client: A Manufacturing Company
  • Sector: Manufacturing
Specialist Payroll Cover

Payroll Continuity guaranteed by the experts.

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