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  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Location: Ireland
  • Client since: 2016
  • Services: Temporary Payroll Cover

In 2016 a crucial member of this manufacturing company’s team was set to go on maternity leave. This person’s leave was set to have a substantial impact on the business, as this employee was the only member of staff that looked after the company payroll. With some foresight, this payroll team member reached out to Paycheck Plus to avail of the Payroll Cover service.

Being solely responsible for the payroll of my company is far from ideal for me or my employer. The Paycheck Plus Cover Service gives me confidence that our staff will continue to be paid while I’m on leave or if I become ill – a huge relief for me and my employer. The peace-of-mind and back-up support that Paycheck Plus continues to provide is invaluable.

HR Staff Member
Manufacturing Company

3 months prior to the scheduled leave, Paycheck Plus familiarised themselves with the business’ payroll and began running payroll in parallel to ensure accuracy on handover. Once the staff member went on leave, Paycheck Plus, with disruption minimised, then independently processed the business’ payroll until the staff member’s return. During processing Paycheck Plus noted improvements and possible optimisations that could be reviewed on the employee’s return.

As a result of the Payroll Cover service, the business’ payroll function continued to operate effectively. In 2017 the staff member returned from maternity leave with satisfied employees that were paid accurately, on-time every time. In addition, multiple payroll enhancements were recommended and incorporated resulting in a more efficient payroll. Also, the company and the payroll staff member continues to have peace-of-mind that their payroll function will continue to operate during unforeseen circumstances as the company continues to avail of the Payroll Cover service.