Payroll Service Case Study - DID Electrical

Weekly & Monthly
Payroll Processing

Moving to a less resource intensive and more cost effective payroll service
  • Sector: Retail
  • Location: Ireland
  • Client since: 2019
  • Services: Weekly & Monthly Payroll Processing

The Client

DID Electrical is one of Ireland’s most reputable and best-known retailers. Established in 1968, DID quickly built a reputation for reliable products and a first-rate customer service. Their varied range of high-quality products, outstanding after-service care, superior customer service and commitment to supporting the local community has seen their business grow to 23 locations nationwide employing more than 400 employees.

By 2019 DID was manually processing payments to more than 400 employees internally. DID recognised the need to move to a less resource intensive payroll process to relieve the pressure on their own employees, as well as help streamline and improve their payroll processes. They needed a cost-effective and pragmatic payroll solution that would afford them the opportunity to focus on their core business.

The Task

DID’s requirements were similar to many of Paycheck Plus’ retail clients, with a mix of salaried and hourly paid employees, spread across both monthly and weekly pay frequencies depending on their role. With the majority of employees paid an hourly rate to be processed weekly, payrolls were both highly variable and frequent, requiring significant processing time and effort on DID’s behalf. DID also had a second payment run for salaried employees who were to be paid on a monthly frequency, which added to the challenge.
In addition to this, much of the payroll calculation was performed manually, which was not the best use of DID’s own resources and allowed for the possibility of errors. Furthermore, DID had a time and attendance platform with a reporting system that was not being fully utilised.

During consultations with DID, Paycheck Plus demonstrated the industry knowledge and technical capacity to handle both their weekly and monthly payrolls and presented a detailed plan for how our outsourced payroll service could improve payroll process flows and reduce the burden on their accounts team. Equally important was Paycheck Plus’ commitment to customer service which mirrored DID’s own service levels.

The Process

Having already identified the need for a high-calibre payroll management service to facilitate their weekly and monthly payrolls, the onus was now on Paycheck Plus to deliver a streamlined, service-oriented payroll management solution and provide DID with the necessary control systems to easily monitor and review their weekly and monthly payrolls.

To ensure a smooth transition, Paycheck Plus began the implementation process by assigning a payroll specialist who would lead the migration of the DID payrolls. Following this the same specialist would retain accountability for the ongoing payroll processing as the nominated Paycheck Plus Account Manager thereby maintaining a consistent and seamless payroll process post-implementation.

As part of our set-up meetings the account manager met with DID on site to gain an insight into their current payroll process and develop a relationship with their respective contact. The account manager worked with DID to produce a Service Level Agreement that clearly outlined each party’s roles and responsibilities and set out the various operational procedures.

As part of this agreement Paycheck Plus would process DID’s payroll including the various benefits and contributory schemes, manage the administration of payments and submissions to Revenue, generate the required bank files for the client to upload and assist in maintaining other regulatory requirements such as those mandated by Revenue and GDPR. Paycheck Plus would also provide DID with Payslips as well as a range of reports including Control Summary, Gross to Nett, Payments, Deductions, Revenue liability reports.
To give DID peace of mind and full visibility ahead of go-live, Paycheck Plus worked with DID to facilitate a parallel run. This gave DID first-hand experience of how the new payroll process would work end-to-end. A final go-live consultation was held and Paycheck Plus began to process payments. Paycheck Plus’ first live pay run was successfully processed just two weeks later.

The Result

A review was held three months after Paycheck Plus began processing DID’s payrolls and the client was satisfied that Paycheck Plus had completed the projects primary objectives. DID now benefits from a streamlined and compliant payroll service with improved accuracy. Their accounts team are supplied with insightful reports from which they can make informed decisions. Their staff no longer have to undertake laborious manual calculations. Paycheck Plus have mitigated potential compliance risks and, most importantly, achieved process efficiencies which have reduced the workload on DID’s employees, freeing them up to concentrate on their core business activities.

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