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Local tax expertise

Paycheck Plus increased take home pay for employees.
  • Sector: Insurance
  • Location: UK
  • Client since: 2013
  • Services: Outsourced payroll for Ireland, Payroll management

For this multinational insurance company, payroll was being processed in their Central Office, in the UK, for their Irish and UK operations. But ever-changing legislation and calculations made it difficult for personnel in the UK to manage the Irish payroll and the company felt they lacked the expertise of a local payroll office.

I had the benefit of knowing the great job that Paycheck Plus do, so it was easy to recommend them to my new company and know that their services would be a real asset to the company.

R. Byrne
HR Manager

Management analysed the benefits of working with an expert outsource Irish payroll provider versus an in-house person and decided to outsource. After reviewing a range of providers, Paycheck Plus were awarded the contract for outsourced payroll services.

Staff now electronically receive their payslips two days earlier than before, and are, on average, receiving an additional €43 in their take home pay as a result of better use of their tax credits.

When the HR Manager moved to another company, she was happy to recommend the services of Paycheck Plus to her new employer, confident in the knowledge that their services offered real cost savings and efficiencies for all involved.