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Emerging from
merging payrolls

Actionable advice for one streamlined compliant payroll.
  • Sector: Technology
  • Location: Ireland
  • Client since: 2015
  • Services: Payroll Consultancy

After a combined 30+ years in operation, two tech companies based in Ireland embarked on a new chapter, together. Company mergers can be extremely complex, sensitive and time-consuming endeavours. Both companies were looking to minimise resources required to complete the merger. Efficiency, transparency and a smooth transition were some of the key goals of the merger process. To facilitate the transition, the company was referred to Paycheck Plus by an independent advisor.

Paycheck Plus’ consultancy helped us immensely with the merging of our payrolls. They provided invaluable advice and assistance that gave us a clear direction and confidence that we were on the right track. Their specialist payroll consultancy service helped us develop 1 efficient payroll function from 2 payrolls that were less than ideal for the merged company.

HR Manager
Technology Company

Paycheck Plus worked closely with both companies to gain the necessary knowledge, understanding and insights that would facilitate a smooth transition. An in depth review of both company payroll operations and future merged business goals were required, along with the consideration of many of the unique aspects of the companies such as the business size, industry sector and profile of the employees. Paycheck Plus then provided expert and comprehensive advice in relation to merging payroll, employment contracts, employee data, compensation and benefits, etc. The advice and insights provided were developed and issued with practicality in mind so that the merged company could quickly and directly implement the recommendations.

As a result of the consultancy the company received specialist actionable advice focused on reaching their business goals. The advice helped detail the tasks and a timeline that the HR Manager could use as a guide to complete the merger of payrolls effectively. From implementing the advice, the company consolidated both payrolls compliantly and on time. The combined payroll, which Paycheck Plus now manages, is now more streamlined and operates in a manner that maximises the business value of the payroll function.