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Expert Payroll Consultancy Service

Maximise the business value of your payroll function

Our award-winning team of payroll experts provide payroll consultancy services and guidance in relation to PAYE audits, WRC inspections, human resource management, employee reward strategies and data protection (including data mapping, storage and segregation, retention, reviews of procedures, policies, authorisation, etc., in line with the GDPR) for HR and payroll functions.

The advice and insights we received from Paycheck Plus were invaluable not only to our finance team but across the business as a whole. They analysed, diagnosed and optimised our entire payroll process bringing real savings and efficiencies to our business.

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Manufacturing Industry
Optimise your payroll

Payroll typically accounts for one of the largest expenditures in most companies and requires careful consideration to ensure that it’s operating as cost effectively and efficiently as possible. Our award-winning payroll specialists work with you to ensure that your payroll is structured and optimised for maximum business value.

Our payroll specialists consider the size of your business, the sector in which it operates, the profile of your employees as well as the salary package on offer, etc. They use their decades of payroll and tax experience to provide practical actionable advice which will enable you to make decisions that have a real impact on your bottom line, while ensuring your employees minimise tax deductions for maximum take home pay.

  • Actionable advice
    Our experts advise you on how to improve your data integrity and payroll spend.
  • Focused on your business
    We consider your business and environment and make recommendations tailored to your needs and opportunities.
  • Strict confidentiality
    All insights, information, recommendations etc. deriving from all of our services, including our payroll consultancy service, are treated with the strictest confidentiality.
  • Client: A Technology Company
  • Sector: Technology
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merging payrolls

Actionable advice for one streamlined compliant payroll.

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