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Recently, Paycheck Plus founder and CEO Anne Reilly set up the Payroll Panel; a specialist recruitment consultancy for payroll professionals. We sat down with Anne to get her thoughts this new initiative.

What is the Payroll Panel?

The Payroll Panel is a specialist recruitment company that places payroll professionals in permanent and temporary payroll jobs nationwide. It helps organisations attract the most suitable talent to ensure payroll continuity and it provides payroll professionals with an array of payroll positions where they can further their careers.

Why Payroll Recruitment?

Payroll is our business – at Paycheck Plus, we know payroll inside out, back to front. It’s an important function and needs the appropriate skill and expertise to ensure the best results. While there are some great recruitment agencies out there, many of them are general recruiters. When investing in other resources, smart companies choose specialist providers like IT, Legal, Security, Engineering and so on. So why should engaging payroll resources be any different? By coming to a company who specialise in payroll, you benefit from our payroll experience. We utilise specialist sector knowledge and experience to identify the most appropriate candidates for a particular role. Furthermore, unlike other recruiters, we can support the candidate in their new role, enhancing the on-boarding phase with help from our team of payroll experts.

How did this idea come about?

We’ve always tried to accommodate organisations who need an inhouse payroll person to help prepare data or take up an end-to-end processing role. That often meant sending one of our own team in to cover a temporary position or helping them with the recruitment process. The Payroll Panel is just an extension of that.

With the pandemic, lockdowns and an unemployment crisis looming why set up a recruitment agency now?

Payroll doesn’t stop. Paycheck Plus grew during the last recession. While I’m sure that in the months to come a lot of companies will be looking at the bottom line, and maybe even making redundancies, payroll is an essential service and it will continue to be required regardless of wider economic forces.

What can we expect from the Payroll Panel?

Employers and candidates can expect the same level of service and expertise that Paycheck Plus is renowned for. Ultimately, we want the Payroll Panel to do for inhouse payroll what Paycheck Plus has for outsourced payroll.


Find out More

You can find out more about our payroll recruitment service by following the link or by contacting our resident payroll recruitment specialists on +353 (0) 1 905 9400


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