UK Payroll Tax Fact Card

A Simple Guide to UK Payroll Rates & Allowances

UK Payroll Tax Fact Card

Our UK Payroll Tax Fact Card contains the rates and allowances that in-house or outsourced payroll providers need to refer to on a daily basis.

Click here or follow the link to download your 2022 Payroll Tax Fact Card.

UK Payroll Tax Fact Card

This booklet has been updated and expanded to include key updates to payroll processing information, rates and allowances. The  2022 Payroll Tax Fact Card now includes key changes to Tax Credits, USC Rates, PRSI Thresholds, Minimum Wage Rates, Public Holidays, Benefits & Wage Subsidy Schemes, Maternity, Gender Pay Gap Reporting & Paternity Leave and much more. These figures are an invaluable resource for in-house and outsourced payroll providers alike.


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