Additional HR requirements and employee Christmas gift

7 typical additional HR requirements on the run up to Christmas

Christmas and year end is a particularly busy time for payroll and HR professionals. In addition to their ongoing role requirements, HR managers and HR personnel have additional obligations. To help you schedule your workload we have highlighted some of the key typical additional requirements, including the employee Christmas gift requirement, that you could (and maybe should) face on the run up to Christmas.

Office at Christmas | Employee Christmas Gift

7 typical additional HR requirements on the run up to Christmas:

  1. Remind employees of the company’s opening hours and their working days over Christmas and New Years
  2. Ensure the work schedule and requirements are fair for employees working over the holidays
  3. Arrange Christmas gifts / bonus payments for employees (for a simple, quick and tax free employee Christmas gift consider the Paycheck Plus Perfect Card)
  4. Remind staff of how they are expected to behave at the company Christmas party, including their use of social media
  5. Complete end of year performance reviews
  6. Ensure compliance with employee holiday entitlements
  7. Ensure your payroll year end processing is on schedule

Simple, quick and tax free employee Christmas gift

To assist employers and HR personnel to compliantly reward their staff tax free we introduced our Paycheck Plus Perfect Card – the perfect employee Christmas gift. Some of the key benefits for you and your employees are:

  •  Give all of your employees exactly what they want – they can spend their gift however they choose
  • It’s simple and convenient for you – minimises your workload and time requirement
  • Tax free – our 100% Revenue approved cards maximise your employee Christmas gift value to your staff while minimising business requirements

Ultimately, Paycheck Plus Perfect Cards benefit you, your business and your employees.

Order your cards now to get them before Christmas.

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