First Steps and JobsPlus Youth programmes

JobsPlus Youth is an expansion of the JobsPlus employer incentive scheme; employers will receive cash grants to assist with wage costs when they hire young people aged 18 to 25 from the Live Register. It is expected to support 1,500 young jobseekers return to work in 2015.

As an incentive to Employers to hire jobseekers from the live Register the scheme provides monthly cash payments to offset the companies wage cost, this is payable on a monthly basis over a two year period and provides the following payments:

  • The employee hired has been unemployed for 12 to 24 months, the payment amount over the two years period is €7,500. This equates to approximately €312 per month
  • The employee hired has been unemployed for more than 24 months; the payment amount over the two year period is €10,000 for each person recruited. This equates to approximately €416 per month.JobPlus Youth is now live and available with immediate effect.  You can register your interest at

First Steps provide participants with an opportunity to learn and develop basic work and social skills while on a placement in a real work situation in organisations in the private, public, voluntary and community sectors.

  • The placement will last for six or nine months.
  • All Participants will receive a pre-placement training course; this is funded by the Department, to prepare the participants for work placement.
  • A single allowance of €50 per week is payable in addition to any existing social welfare entitlement already in receipt, the allowance is payable through the Department of Social protection.

Employers can register their interest in the First Steps placement scheme by emailing First Step placements will start by April 2015